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11 Best WordPress Plugins and Plugins for WordPress Animation (Updated)


Understanding the need for WordPress Animation Plugins

Why use animation on your WordPress site? Simple. It’s engaging, fresh, and cuts through the noise. The ultimate purpose of adding this functionality, which includes Lottie block animations, is to enhance user interaction, enriching the appeal of web apps and more. It gives your site a distinctive touch, ultimately improving the user experience by adding attractive elements. It’s all about enhancing the web app’s functionality with finely tuned animation settings.

Picking the right WordPress Animation Plugin

Choosing the perfect animation plugin for your WordPress site will depend on your specific needs. It’s worth mentioning that customization options play a vital role when choosing your plugin: not only should it be simple to use with a range of animation styles and compatibility, but it’s essential to also have ability to tailor the animations to your particular site design or style. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the WordPress manual and understanding various key modules before decision making. Also, to assist, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best animation plugins available for download right now. Don’t miss out on this information, which can enable you to add captivating animations to your WordPress site in a matter of clicks. Let’s dive into our top picks.

The 11 Finest Animated WordPress Plugins

1. LottieFiles – Lottie block for Gutenberg

This open source software offers a robust Lottie block for Gutenberg, enabling you to add high-quality animations to your WordPress site easily. What’s the highlight? Access to over 50,000 free Lottie block animations, or as we call them, dotlottie files. No programming knowledge? No worries. Simply navigate the user-friendly directory, select your animation elements and presto! You have a data-driven, animated web experience. Whether you need to adjust background colour, speed, or animation loops, this plugin has you covered. Plus, you can preview the beauty in the Gutenberg editor and click the download button when you’re ready to make it live. Indeed, customizing your WordPress site has never been this easy and fun!

2. Otter Blocks Plugin

Enter Otter Blocks, a game changer for your WordPress animation efforts. Boasting the features of a versatile widget editor, this brilliant plugin enjoys a rating of 96%, with over 300,000 installs and a recent update (November 2023). It offers a Lottie block that allows you to seamlessly insert animations, expands the Block Editor’s functionalities, and even reduces the need for page builders. Considering a switch to Otter Blocks Pro? Well, you’ll be glad to know that the Lottie block animation feature is also available in their free desktopregion, saving you both time and resources. Here’s a simplified guide for you:

  1. Install and activate Otter Blocks from the WordPress directory.
  2. Utilize the Discover animation, Media Library feature, or even insert your animations from URL using the streamlined dotlottiejson editor.
  3. Paste the Lottie URL to your Otter Block or upload a Lottie file of your own.
  4. Optimize your lotties – remember, customization is key!

Once you’ve successfully done this, feel free to take advantage of the Lottie Player block to proudly display your recently optimized animations. With the newly integrated Lottieopen feature, your site will surely embody an elevated sense of aesthetic appeal.

3. Elementor Pro Plugin

Ever heard of Elementor? The designer Mordi Levi referred to it as the perfect balance of creative freedom and user-friendly design. Similar to the addons found in your favourite web browser, its latest update (September 23, 2023) only ups the game. With more than 4 sales so far, this WordPress plugin also includes Elementor Pro, a gem straight from the divi marketplace featuring an abundance of addons and free templates. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned pro, Elementor is designed to make the process easy and enjoyable. Plus, you can enhance your content with the power of the Lottie block Animation widget or even add SVG animation graphics to your site. Supercharge your WordPress experience today with Elementor Pro!

4. LottieFiles Plugin

This is by far one of the best free WordPress animation plugins out there. Developed by LottieFiles, it allows you to effortlessly embed high-quality animations into your WordPress posts or blog. You need no prior programming knowledge to customize your animation with ease (speed, play mode, direction). A key feature? It permits the upload of your own Lottie animations, thereby easily adding the animation url into the Divi builder of your website. Isn’t that delightful? From keeping minimalist designs with semi-transparency to going all-out with 3D, the endless world of animation is at your fingertips with the LottieFiles Plugin.

5. Transition Slider Plugin

Want to jazz up your image or video slider? Transition Slider plugin is the answer. Offering a whopping 47 customizable transition effects, this plugin turns your existing images and videos into a captivating experience. Warping, zooming, fading, stretching, crossfading, blurring – it’s all possible with Transition Slider. Try the free version or upgrade for $35 to take your animations to new heights.

6. Animate It! Plugin

Animate It! An apt name for a plugin that brings over 50+ CSS animations to your site pages, posts and widgets. From attention seekers to bounce-ins, this plugin livens up your static elements in a snap. And the best part? It’s absolutely free. Neither do you need any coding skills, nor any design knowledge. Just pick your animation and apply it to your site. Done and dusted! It couldn’t be simpler to add a little drama to your WordPress site.

7. Image Hover Effects Ultimate Plugin

With Image Hover Effects Ultimate plugin, transform static images into dynamic, engaging pieces. Developed by BestWpDeveloper, it gives you eight hover effects with variations. Boxes flipping around, spiraling images, sliding comparisons, captions coming to life – you can have it all. It is perfect to make your gallery or portfolio images stand out in a crowd and comes in three pricing options ($19.99, $49.99, $199.99). Not to forget, it is compatible with WordPress versions 4.9.x – 6.3.x and works flawlessly with Elementor and Elementor Pro. No more boring, flat images. Say hello to interactive, lively ones!

8. Blocks Animation: CSS For Gutenberg Blocks

Adding CSS animations to your Gutenberg blocks has never been easier, thanks to the Blocks Animation Plugin. No need to write any CSS from scratch; simply choose from animation styles like bounce, wobble, flash, and fade-in, and apply them to any Gutenberg block. The best part? It’s free! So, why not give it a try and see your blocks spring to life!

9. Advanced Typing Plugin

Are you a fan of the “typewriter effect”? If yes, then Advanced Typing Plugin by Code Canyon is a must-have. With an affordable price-tag of $12, it simulates the look of someone typing words on your site. You can even ‘humanize’ it by having the animation make mistakes or backspaces. Choose your font, any size, and see the magic unfold. Perfect for creating engaging taglines or enhancing your hero section, it adds a touch of elegance to your WordPress site.

10. WebP Converter for Media Plugin

A heavy website is a user’s nightmare. It takes ages to load, eating into precious data. That’s where the WebP Converter for Media plugin comes in handy. It doesn’t technically add animations, but what it does is just as important. It reduces load time by converting JPEG, PNG, and GIF files into WebP and AVIF formats. And guess what? These formats are lighter than the standard GIFs. If your site relies heavily on animations, WebP Converter can step in to speed up your site and offer a better user experience. Sounds exciting, right? But here’s the cherry on top – it’s free to use with several premium upgrades ranging from $5 to $1500. Isn’t that a great deal?

11. Superfly Plugin

Last but definitely not least is Superfly. With a $29 price tag, it brings to your WordPress site animated navigation menus in styles ranging from full-screen to minimalist, always-visible, and more. Plus, it’s user-friendly. Even a novice can create professional-looking animated menus without any knowledge of CSS or JavaScript. Superfly truly lives up to its name, offering a superb and fly way to spruce up your WordPress site. So why wait? Try it today!

Tips and Tricks to Enhance your Animation Game

Adding Custom Lottie Animations

When it comes to adding custom Lottie animations, the process is clear and straightforward:

  1. Pick a Lottie animation.
  2. Personalize the colors to match your brand identity.
  3. Copy the URL or download the JSON file.

Now comes the crucial part, which we’ll cover in this tutorial:

  1. Open your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Conduct a Gutenberg editor search for a suitable new plug-in (for instance, Elementor or Otter)
  3. Download and activate this tool, which also provides a seamless handling of sliders.
  4. Edit your page with Elementor or the plugin of your choice.
  5. Add a new page element.
  6. Then simply drag and drop your dotlottie animations.
  7. And finally, customize your animation.

You see? Taking a step towards high-quality, unique and engaging WordPress animation is no longer daunting. It’s quick, easy, and satisfying with custom Lottie animations. Are you ready to make your site stand out? Give it a go!

Stock Lottie Animations

Looking for quick design solutions? Say hello to Stock Lottie Animations, easily accessible through your safari browser. Not only can you browse through a wide array of animations and cherry pick the ones you think fit your brand the best, but you can also control triggers, loops, playback speed, and more under the Settings section. Think a color change isn’t enough? No problem! You can hire an animator or designer who can modify the animation using Adobe After Effects and export it back to Lottie—an animation page element that not only enhances the look of your site but also can trigger visitor conversions. Don’t forget to attribute the animation to the original designer if required, as the animations follow a common license. So, why wait? Hop into the world of Lottie animations today, and use them to elevate your website or campaign.

Conclusive Remarks

Importance of adding animation to your WordPress Site

Animations aren’t just pretty decorations for your site; they hold a significant role in user interface design. They make your brand lively and engaging, adding the ‘wow’ factor that can impress your visitors immediately. Integrating animations with precise animation settings enhances user interactions and offers a distinctive experience to the website visitors. They guide users, show relationships between elements, provide feedback, and help visitors understand the hierarchy of your site. With animations, you can tell a story, make a hard sale, or simply provide a delightful experience. For seamless integration of animations, the LottieFiles plugin allows quick addition of the Lottie player to any place on your web player page. The hover feature and browser settings expand website accessibility, making user experience smoother. Hence, adding animation to your WordPress site is not just an added benefit – it’s a game-changer you shouldn’t overlook.

Time to Get Animating!

Are you ready to bring a new dimension to your site? It’s time to get hands-on with WordPress animations. Just pick the plugin that suits your needs, animate your site, and watch your website experience go from ordinary to extraordinary. Remember, the only limit is your creativity. So, go on, get animating, and leave an everlasting impact on your visitors. The animated world of WordPress awaits you. This is your gateway to tap into the unlimited potentials of user interaction and engagement. Start the ride and don’t forget to enjoy it. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lottie?

Lottie is an open-source, JSON-based animation file format created by the folks at Airbnb. Named after Charlotte ‘Lotte’ Reiniger, a pioneering German film director known for silhouette animation, Lottie is a resplendent tool that makes it a breeze to add high-quality, scalable animations to any platform. Utilizing Adobe After Effects, animations are exported in a JSON-based format via Bodymovin. These animations are lightweight, smooth-running, and can be tailored in real-time, elevating user experience. Not only this, you can adjust features like playback speed and width, encapsulating more control in the hands of developers and designers. Also, rendering a specific interval or even assigning a url link to your animation is just a few clicks away, thanks to the practical settings section. Lottie, indeed, signals a new era in how animations are used and perceived in the techno-digital sphere today.

Can I control the player of the animation?

Absolutely, yes! That’s the beauty of the Lottie Player. With its various playback modes, you can control the player and interact with it to fulfill your animation playback needs. Not only do you gain access to numerous controls like hover, scroll, auto-play, and view, but also a sidebar to adjust the speed according to your liking or toggle the looping option for enhancing your website’s interactivity. Your browser is all you need to steer the direction and change the count. These controls add a great deal of flexibility and let the animations become an organic part of your WordPress website. Your animations, your rules – that’s the power the Lottie Player gives you.

How many options has the Lottie Player?

Lottie Player dazzles with its wealth of options. With it, you can change the height, background color, icons color, icons hover color, icon active color, tracker color, thumb color, and many more. The goal? To make your animations match perfectly with the style of your website. It doesn’t stop at customizing the look; you can also control interactivity. Options like ‘Sync with Scroll’, ‘Play animation on click’, or ‘Play animation when visible’ give you the reins to your site’s animation. Not only does Lottie Player allow for visual personalization, but it also assigns the visitor to a specific server by default – a necessary function borrowed from Github’s SERVERID that increases the website’s functionality. With its capacity to register which server-cluster is serving the visitor, Lottie Player mirrors functions similar to Envato’s AWSALB and AWSALBCORS systems. In essence, Lottie Player translates your vision into a dynamic animated experience, making your website more engaging, interactive, and successful. And that’s it!

Why Use Lottie Animations on WordPress Site?

Remember the time when animations would slow down your website? Those days are behind us, thanks to Lottie Animations. Unlike GIFs, they are lightweight and thus improve page speed. They maintain perfect resolution at any size, which means you avoid pixelation. They’re customizable and highly interactive, responding to user actions like scroll, click, and hover. An added benefit of these animations is their seamless compatibility across platforms: web, Android, iOS, React Native, and more. The simplicity and efficiency they offer, especially post-installation, enhance your WordPress site’s user appeal. In layman’s terms, they pave the way for visually engaging, swift, and memorable user experiences. Lottie Block Animations will undeniably keep your visitors coming back for more. Trust us, making them an integral part of your WordPress site post-installation with, for instance, plugins like Elementor or Elementor Pro, is an investment you won’t regret.

Can I display the caption below the player?

Guess what? You sure can! One of the many powers Lottie Player offers you is the ability to display a caption below it, enhancing your animation loops. You can personalize this caption’s appearance according to your liking. You can manage Text Align, Typography, Colors (for both text and background), and remember WordPress disables some features by default. This functionality is a premium feature, but the value it brings to your site makes it entirely worth it. Adding a caption not only enhances the context of your animation but also adds to the overall aesthetic of your web page. Now, isn’t that handy?

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