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The TRIPA Branding project involved designing a suite of assets including Letterhead, Brand Pattern, Business Cards, ID Cards, Envelope Design, and Email Signature. TRIPA, a unique platform, focuses on workforce analysis by assessing candidates and employees, offering profound insights into behavior and compatibility. The objective of the project was to create a cohesive branding identity for TRIPA.






Brand Overview

TRIPA, an innovative platform, specializes in comprehensive workforce analysis through candidate and employee assessments. It provides valuable insights into behaviors and compatibility, optimizing human resource decisions.


The Objective

The objective of the TRIPA Branding project was to create a cohesive and impactful branding identity for the platform. This branding aimed to effectively represent TRIPA's unique approach to workforce analysis, highlighting its expertise in assessing candidates and employees to provide valuable insights into behaviors and compatibility. Through the design of various assets, the project aimed to establish a strong visual presence that aligns with TRIPA's mission and values, enhancing brand recognition and credibility in the market.

The Process

The branding process began with thorough requirement gathering to understand TRIPA's values and vision. Based on this, a compelling brand identity was crafted, including color palette, and typography. The designed assets were meticulously aligned with TRIPA's identity, ensuring consistency and visual appeal across all materials. Through this branding endeavor, TRIPA's essence was effectively communicated, enhancing its market presence.

Tripa Color Palate
Tripa Font

The Outcome

The branding initiative resulted in a consistent and visually appealing brand identity for TRIPA. The designed assets, such as letterheads, business cards, and more, seamlessly conveyed TRIPA's mission of comprehensive workforce analysis. This branding effort contributes to TRIPA's credibility and recognition, solidifying its market position and attracting potential clients seeking advanced HR solutions.

Tripa Mockup
Tripa Signature
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