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Modern Logo Design for

Median Connect

This project involved creating a modern and visually compelling logo for Median Connect, an established outdoor publicity, advertising, and marketing agency. The aim was to design a logo that reflects their expertise in outdoor advertising and conveys professionalism, creativity, and reliability.


Median Connect India Pvt Ltd





Brand Overview

Median Connect India Pvt Ltd is an established outdoor publicity, advertising, and marketing agency specializing in delivering top-notch outdoor advertising solutions. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including hoardings and lightboards strategically placed in high-visibility public locations. With a focus on optimizing client outcomes, Median Connect provides innovative and impactful advertising options to help businesses effectively reach their target audience and maximize brand exposure.


The Objective

The primary objective of the project was to design a modern and visually compelling logo for Median Connect. The logo needed to reflect the agency's expertise in outdoor advertising and convey a sense of professionalism, creativity, and reliability. The goal was to create a logo that resonates with the target audience, instills confidence in clients, and strengthens the brand's identity in the competitive advertising industry.


The Process

The logo design process began with thorough discussions and consultations with the client to gain a deep understanding of their expectations and requirements. Following this, the design team at Aavatto created a moodboard, gathering inspiration and exploring various color schemes and design elements. From the moodboard, rough sketches were developed, which were then refined and aligned with a geometric structure to ensure a visually balanced and cohesive design. The final logo design was derived from this iterative process, resulting in a contemporary and impactful representation of Median Connect's brand identity.

The Outcome

The project yielded a successful logo design that effectively captured the essence of Median Connect's brand. The finalized logo reflected the agency's expertise in outdoor advertising and conveyed a professional and innovative image. Its modern and visually appealing design resonated with the target audience, enhancing brand recognition and credibility. The logo serves as a key element in Median Connect's visual identity, contributing to their overall brand growth and positioning in the advertising industry.

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