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TRIPA Web Application

The TRIPA web portal project aimed to craft a comprehensive platform for Human Resource Assessment. It incorporated Candidate Coaching, HR Business, and Admin modules, offering valuable insights into candidates' behavioral and career aspects. This user-friendly portal streamlined role-fit determinations, saving time for clients and empowering individuals to understand their strengths. The outcome was an efficient, intuitive platform optimizing HR processes for TRIPA.






Brand Overview

TRIPA, specializing in Human Resource Assessment, offers a user-friendly platform aiming to provide invaluable insights into candidates' behavioral and career aspects. Their online assessments and diagnostics enable clients to efficiently identify optimal role fits for employees, streamlining HR processes and fostering individual development.


The Objective

The objective was to design a comprehensive web portal for TRIPA, encompassing modules like Candidate (Coaching), HR (Business), Company Administrator, and Super Admin. This platform sought to facilitate behavioral and career assessments, simplifying role-fit determinations for employees and streamlining HR operations.

The Process

The project commenced with detailed planning for each module, encompassing Candidate Coaching, HR Business, and Admin functionalities. Extensive wireframing and UI/UX design iterations were undertaken to ensure intuitive navigation and a seamless user experience. The development phase involved meticulous integration of assessment tools and backend administration, fostering a robust, user-centric web portal.

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The Outcome

The resulting web portal for TRIPA emerged as an efficient, user-friendly platform providing constructive insights into behavioral assessments and career guidance. Its modules catered to various user roles, facilitating smooth assessment operations, saving time for clients, and aiding individuals in recognizing their strengths and developmental areas. The platform streamlined HR processes, empowering TRIPA to offer tailored solutions and enhance the potential of employees.

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